Student Leadership

promoting student voice and engagement
Student Leadership

At OLGC we value and promote student voice and engagement. Students have opportunities to take on various roles of leadership within the school. In the final years of Primary School students participate in a School Leader process aimed at encouraging students to reflect on their leadership skills and further develop these with the aim of receiving a Senior Leader Badge.

OLGC Student Leadership Program

           Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Primary School                                                         a leading faith community inspiring learners to shape tomorrow.

OLGC is committed to providing pathways for students to develop their leadership skills in authentic ways, taking on various roles of leadership within the school. Student Leadership positions are held in high regard by the Principal, staff, parents and community. Student Leaders are representative of the school in both the modelling of standards for their peers and younger students as well as the proactive development of activities that represent the school community.

The development of student leadership skills involves opportunities which encourage students to:

  • act in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty
  • foster a sense of vision and purpose
  • work with others to determine and achieve collective goals
  • take on responsibilities and use decision making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion
  • be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively
  • earn the respect of others through their actions.

Student Leadership Opportunities

School Leaders

School Leaders represent the beliefs and values of Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School. The role involves leadership in representing the school at community events, greeting visitors, mentoring junior students and fellow leaders as well as organising and supporting school events.

Wellbeing Leaders

Wellbeing Leaders lead the school community in raising awareness of the importance of healthy, positive behaviours.They will lead the Student Council to represent the student body to advocate student views and supportively raise awareness of issues within the school. SRC Blog

Social Justice Leaders

Social Justice Leaders know that Social Justice is more than raising money for the “poor”. They recognise the importance of equality and fairness in our school, in our own communities as well as in other countries. They will build up our knowledge of the injustices that occur and help us to understand how WE can do something about it.

FIRE Carrier Leaders

FIRE Carrier Leaders lead the school community to take action to learn about Reconciliation, our shared history and culture. The FIRE Carrier Project is an initiative of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry and the Opening the Doors Foundation .

Sustainability Leaders 

Sustainability Leaders will promote sustainable practices within the school around our use of energy, recycling, waste and water. They will help implement practises that will ensure that we are all 'Stewards of Creation' in how we care for the environment.

Technology Leaders

Our Digitech Leaders will support the use of digital tools across the school. They will upskill students and teachers on the effective use of technology to enhance learning. With the implementation of STEM this year their role will also be to help drive this project.

Sports Leaders and House Leaders

School Sports Leaders promote sport events, encourage and motivate teams as well as assist the PE Teacher and school staff in sports related matters. They will exercise responsibility when representing the school in sporting teams across the district or at regional and state levels.

Selection Process:

All students in Year Six are eligible to apply for a leadership position. Each student will present a speech to the Principal, Deputy Principal, Leadership Team and Classroom teachers, as well as the students in Years Five and Six. Staff and Students will vote for their choice of leaders. The Principal will approve each position.

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