Positive Behaviour

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Positive Behaviour

At Our Lady of Good Counsel School we believe everyone has the right to be part of a nurturing and safe learning environment. A positive and proactive approach to behaviour is the most effective way to empower students to act in a responsible manner.

Student Behaviour

At Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School, we strive to create and maintain a positive, safe and faith-filled learning community which is inclusive for all students. We do this by living the values of respect, courage, empathy, love and gratitude. We believe everyone has the right to be part of a nurturing and safe learning environment with each person’s self-worth, dignity and potential a fundamental importance. Our rights and enjoyment of these are coupled with responsibilities and consequences. Therefore, a positive and pro-active approach to behaviour and safety is paramount to our daily practices.

At OLGC we aim to:

  • build a school environment based on positive behaviour, mutual respect and cooperation;
  • ensure all students feel safe from harm and supported to achieve their full potential;
  • contribute to the improved developmental outcomes for all students by managing behaviour related incidents;
  • manage poor behaviour in a positive and professional manner; and
  • establish well understood and logical consequences for student behaviour.

At OLGC we are committed to implementing a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) approach to the teaching and management of student behaviour. The Behaviour Matrix is used to explicitly teach expected behaviours to the students. We will encourage and acknowledge students frequently for displaying appropriate behaviours.

SWIRL is a whole school approach to rewarding expected behaviour in the class and on the playground. Each class will negotiate age appropriate rewards for students making good choices and following the school the behaviour matrix.
The school consequences have been developed to ensure that everyone is safe, treated equally and fairly, with expectations and procedures consistent across the school.

Corporal punishment is not permitted at Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School.

OLGC uses the response to intervention (RtI) model as described in the CECV Intervention Framework (2015). This is a multi-tiered approach to providing services and intervention for students, at increasing levels of intensity, based on progress monitoring and data analysis.

Behaviour Support Policy