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Student Wellbeing

OLGC is committed to building a community of faith and learning in a safe, nurturing and academically engaging environment. At the heart of our endeavours is the student, where the development of a positive growth mindset supports the diverse and changing needs of every child.

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Student Support

OLGC utilises the talents of many highly skilled people to coordinate and implement valuable support programs for students. The support services vary depending on the needs of individual students.

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​Child Safety & Bullying​

OLGC has a strong commitment to the care, safety and wellbeing of all students in our school. We involve students when making decisions, we listen to them and respect what they have to say. We are guided by the principles within the Commitment Statement on Child Safety.

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Positive Behaviour

At Our Lady of Good Counsel School we believe everyone has the right to be part of a nurturing and safe learning environment. A positive and proactive approach to behaviour is the most effective way to empower students to act in a responsible manner.

Student Leadership

At OLGC we value and promote student voice and engagement. Students have opportunities to take on various roles of leadership within the school. In the final years of Primary School students participate in a School Leader process aimed at encouraging students to reflect on their leadership skills and further develop these with the aim of receiving a Senior Leader Badge.

Health and Diet

At OLGC we encourage all students to eat nutritious high energy food. We promote a healthy diet allowing time for brain food to encourage students to eat fresh fruit or vegetables throughout the morning. Water bottles are also encouraged in the classroom.