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At OLGC, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is promoted by collaborating with diverse partners, leveraging local and regional resources, utilising evidence-based instructional practices, and effectively connecting stakeholder groups to support the development of students who are equipped to meet current global and regional issues as well as future societal challenges.

What is STEM?

Fluency in STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and their practical application helps students understand the world around them and solve problems through critical thinking, discovery and innovation.

Why STEM? 

STEM is increasingly important for students who: 

  • aspire to advanced studies and careers in STEM fields, 
  • wish to be a part of a workforce that increasingly must be STEM, 
  • capable and/orwant to maximize their abilities to make informed personal and societal decisions


Students need to be science literate and equipped to engage in activities and problems that require a level of scientific knowledge or understanding. It involves questioning, predicting, hypothesising, investigating, gathering evidence, organising data, testing, reasoning, explaining and communicating.


Technological literate people can understand the designed world, its tools, systems and infrastructure. They have practical skills in using and fixing technical problems and produce designed solutions suitable for a range of contexts; including infrastructure and digital.


Engineering is a diverse field and requires the application of science, math and technology together. It’s a profession that draws on the knowledge and methods of several fields as well as different and critical thinking. They select and manipulate a range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment creatively, competently and safely to produce finished products.


Mathematics aims to understanding work by performing symbolic reasoning and computation on abstract structures. Students investigate, represent and interpret situations as well as solve problems and reason using mathematics.

STEM Program 

The OLGC STEM program is designed to give the students the opportunity to expand their understanding of Science whilst developing skills in teamwork, creativity, logic, thinking skills and problem solving.

Our Program is divided into six different areas: 

  • Chemical Science 
  • Physical Science 
  • Biological Science 
  • Earth and Space Science 
  • Technology  
  • Environmental Studies

The students are given the opportunity to ask questions to drive their learning. They study how scientists work and use the scientific process to observe and understand the world.

Each topic covered involves a rich question which will be used to generate students' interest through an inquiry process. Students are encouraged to pose and solve questions, observe and record their understanding and create controlled experiments designed to develop a deep understand of the concepts or phenomena being investigated. The OLGC program is a real time, student led process of discovery and understanding.

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