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The OLGC Learning Enhancement Framework is based on a set of key principles whereby targeted testing, observations and data analysis are used to determine the most effective strategies necessary to support the diversity of learners. Interventions and adjustments are developed to enhance academic and social achievement.

OLGC is committed to engaging students through learning which is differentiated and responds to the learning needs, interests and experiences of every student. In conjunction with the wider community, OLGC fosters a collaborative pursuit of excellence and equity where student outcomes are central to the practices, structures and principles that promote high quality teaching for every child.

The OLGC Learning Enhancement Framework is aligned with the Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) Framework and complies with the Disability Standards for Education 2005. OLGC works in partnership with parents and allied health professionals where appropriate, to realise shared educational goals.

Tier 1: All Students - All settings

Students’ current level of performance is determined through universal screening. To address individual needs, teachers use differentiated learning activities (e.g. mixed instructional grouping, use of learning centers, peer tutoring). Adjustments are made to ensure all students have access to the instructional program.

Tier 2: Targeted and Focussed 

Students working above or below the standard in the core curriculum are provided with increasingly intensive instruction matched to their needs. A process of targeted assessment and intervention is developed jointly by the classroom teacher and Learning Support Officer (LSO), Student Wellbeing Leader and other leadership personnel as required. Where applicable, additional input may be sought from experts eg. Psychologist / Paediatrician / Occupational Therapist / Learning Consultant. Strategies are identified for implementation in the classroom and other learning spaces.

Tier 3: Individualised and Intensive 

Intensive intervention is individualised to target each student’s specific needs. This level of intervention is designed to provide intensive support for students presenting with complex, ongoing difficulties. OLGC seeks the involvement of Catholic Education Melbourne staff, in addition to external agencies to complete a personalised learning plan (PLP) and behaviour support plan (BSP). A functional behaviour assessment (FBA) that supports the development of positive replacement behaviours are developed and implemented. Complex behaviours are targeted to remediate and prevent further escalations. The class teacher and Wellbeing Leader in consultation with school leadership, are responsible for the overall management and coordination of these plans.

Programs at OLGC in addition to classroom learning:

Reading Recovery
Rainbow Readers
Levelled Literacy Intervention
Maths Olympiad
Genius Hour
Peaceful Kids
Social Skills
Bully Busters
Conflict Resolution
Better Buddies

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