Teaching & Learning

explicit teaching & learning

At OLGC our vision is to offer excellence in learning and teaching within the central vision of Catholic education and the Victorian Curriculum. In a Catholic school, curriculum is enriched by the values, beliefs, perspectives and experiences of each member of the learning community when they engage actively with Catholic understandings of the human person.

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Core Curriculum

At OLGC we implement the Victorian Curriculum which includes both knowledge and skills defined as learning areas and capabilities. An Inquiry Based Learning pedagogical approach has been developed at our school in response to current educational theory and research. Through inquiry, learning areas such as history, civics and citizenship, science and technology are explored.


At OLGC, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is promoted by collaborating with diverse partners, leveraging local and regional resources, utilising evidence-based instructional practices, and effectively connecting stakeholder groups to support the development of students who are equipped to meet current global and regional issues as well as future societal challenges.

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Students at OLGC have access to a wide range of technologies and learn their appropriate use as a fundamental skill in preparing them for the technological demands of the 21st century. These technologies are used as part of a 21st century approach to learning where students are encouraged to navigate in a safe, secure and collaborative environment. 

Extra Curricular
Extra Curricular Activities

OLGC offers a range of opportunities for learning experiences outside the normal classroom activities. Through participation in an educationally enriching extra curricular activity, students’ experiences will be enhanced socially, academically, physically, creatively or intellectually. 

Extension & Intervention

OLGC is committed to engaging students through learning which is differentiated and responds to the learning needs, interests and experiences of every student. In conjunction with the wider community, OLGC fosters a collaborative pursuit of excellence and equity where student outcomes are central to the practices, structures and principles that promote high quality teaching for every child.