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Parents' Association

OLGC Parents' Association is an energetic and visible part of the school community and offers many opportunities for parents to gather and become involved in the life of the school.


Class Contact Parent

Each class has designated parents whose task it is to promote a sense of community among parents of the class group. The class contact parent will liaise with the class teacher and the parents of the particular class to organise a range of activities such as baking a cake for a special occasion; emailing or ringing around re social events; liaise with PA; welcome new families and new babies; prepare meals to assist a needy family; and generally ensure parents know one another.

Welcome Families Program

The 'Welcome Families' Program involves pairing a new family to the school with an existing family – a family that will become their Welcome Family. We match up families with students of similar ages and gender. The role of the 'Welcome Family' may be many and varied but primarily it is to make the  new family feel welcome to our school by:

  • An initial phone call to introduce yourself 
  • An informal catch up over the school holidays for families to meet 
  • Encouraging your new family to attend the many social activities OLGC has to offer 
  • Contact as required to answer questions and provide support


Through absolute teamwork, we build a supportive environment within our school. Our events run smoothly thanks to the hard work and coordinated effort of so many people including staff, students and parents. The generosity of those who kindly volunteer their time or services to help out at events have proved that we can achieve anything. Fundraising helps the school to develop and implement programs and building works which would otherwise not be achievable through government funding alone. Our school community is committed and understands that we are all responsible for the wellbeing of our school. Most importantly though, we enjoy a lot of laughs and make some wonderful friendships along the way.

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