Parents & Community

Volunteers / Parent Helpers

we value your support

Parents are guided to learn the routines of the classroom and be able to assist children in the learning process. Teachers value parental assistance to help with reading, writing, spelling and computer activities and for special activities like sports and excursions.


In the classroom

Teachers and children value your assistance in the classroom. Volunteers can often enhance the learning environment through increased adult participation. Involvement in school programs may provide parents with new insights and understanding about their children, fostering the links between home and school learning.

Parents are invited to assist during the literacy block helping small groups of children to develop reading and writing skills under the guidance of class teachers. Parents are shown ways to assist the reader and writer in the early phases of learning.

Camps & Excursions

Parental involvement is an essential element of these extra curricular programs. Parents are asked to support programs and assist in ensuring the correct ratio of student to adults is maintained. 

Sporting Events

Throughout the year OLGC students are involved in many sporting events such as swimming, cross country, athletics, interschool sport and hooptime. Parents are needed to assist teachers supervise and support these activities. 

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