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connecting school and home

Communication between parents and the school has many benefits whether it is formal or informal. When parents and teachers share information, children feel more supported. Good communication can help create positive feelings between parents and the school.

OLGC has many forms of communication:

Information sharingReporting & Assessment
Skoolbag App 
Information Sessions
Term Overviews 
Student Conferences 
Parent-Teacher Interviews 
Student Reports
Parent Support Group

It is vital to this important partnership that the lines of communication between school and home are open and honest.

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OLGC Principal's News

Read current news from the Acting Principal, Gilbert Keisler.

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OLGC ​Skoolbag App

Skoolbag is our school Mobile App that communicates directly with smartphones and tablets. Skoolbag provides our school with an easy way to communicate with parents providing the most convenient way to receive school notifications. No more lost paper in student school bags! School newsletters, school notices and alerts are communicated directly to your smartphone through the OLGC Skoolbag Mobile App. 

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School Interviews Online

OLGC conducts formal parent / teacher interviews for all students on two occasions each year. These interviews are a vital means of communication between parents and teachers, and we strongly encourage all parents to attend. School Interviews Online is used to provide a simple online booking system for parents.

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