​School Attendance

School Attendance

OLGC School Attendance Procedure 2018

Student Absences:  If a child is to be absent from school, parents are asked to notify the class teacher, phone the school or notify through the Skoolbag app or email, before 9:30am. Written notification is a legal requirement explaining the reason for the absence.

Student Supervision: For safety reasons, once students come to school, they are not permitted to leave the school grounds – before or during school hours – unless parents notify the school. Staff members supervise students between 8.40am and 3.45pm. 

Students are required to be at school no later than 8.55am to prepare themselves for the day. Teachers are on yard duty from 8.40am. Upon arriving at school, students are to go to the Atrium and wait for the first bell to ring at 8.40am. Students may take their bags to their classrooms, unpack and prepare for the day.

Students are dismissed from their classes at 3.30pm.  They will exit the school via the front or back gates. Teachers will be on duty at both exit points and in the Car park until 3.45pm. Students being collected from the front of the school, wait on the grass area for a safe drive through pick-up. Students being collected from the back gate wait inside the fence. Students being collected from the car park must wait with the supervising teacher on the path near the car park crossing. Any child still remaining at school after the 3.45pm bell must go to the Atrium.

If students ride bicycles or scooters to school, they are to walk them through the school grounds and secure them in the bike shed with a chain and lock along with their helmets.  As is the case with any valuable equipment, the responsibility for bringing these to school is that of the student. If any child is walking or riding home from school, they must leave the school grounds before the last bell at 3.45pm.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a parent is unable to collect a child up at the expected time, please contact the school as soon as possible. This will ensure the wellbeing of your child. 

Leaving during School Hours: Parents are required to sign their children in if they arrive late to school, or if they are leaving school early. This ensures that we know who is present at the school at all times. Parents are asked to notify the child’s class teacher regarding early departures from school. If there is a change to the normal routine, please notify the school during the day with the change of plans so the students can be informed.

School Times

Office Hours: 8.30am to 4.00pm school days

School Hours: 9:00am – 3.30pm school days

8.40am Bell - students supervised 

8.55am Bell - students move to class for meditation 

9.05am Classes -  attendance roll taken


11.00am Bell - morning recess - supervised eating time 

11.10am Bell - play time 

11.30am Bell - conclusion of recess


1.00pm Bell - lunch - eat lunch in classrooms 

1.10pm Bell - play time 

2.00pm Bell - conclusion of lunch 

3.30pm Bell - dismissal 

3.45pm Bell - supervision concludes

Hours of Supervision 8.40am – 3.45pm

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