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For over 90 years we have provided education for hundreds of students. In 2017 we survey our current families to find out what they think about OLGC.

Why did you choose OLGC?

Positive Referral 

“The school was highly recommended to me from a trusted friend who already had children attending the school.”

The OLGC Website Was Impressive

“I wanted a school with good values and good leadership with a faith background.  The OLGC website seemed authentic and trustworthy.”

“When I visited the school, I knew that the marketing on the website was accurate and true.”

Open and Welcoming Culture

“The school made it easy and convenient for me to take a tour and meet the Principal.  There was no bureaucracy.  I was told that I could come and take a tour on the same day I called.”

“I walked through the office door and got a warm and friendly reception.  I had visited 4 other schools and this one just stood out as being inviting and unpretentious.”

“The first thing I noticed was the warmth and friendliness. The place was full of passion and a strong sense of community.”

“Megan was so welcoming and enthusiastic. I instantly felt part of the family.”

“The Principal made time to see me immediately and I found her to be warm, authentic and professional.”

“After I visited the school and spoke to the Principal I knew there was a strong culture with a good leader at the top.”

“I felt the love the minute I walked in the door and I couldn’t believe how amazing the school was.  I was convinced that this was the place where my children needed to be.  This place seemed happy and organised and the Principal was empathetic and respectful.”

“I chose the school because it had all the right values.  I knew my kids would feel safe and happy here.”

“I was so relieved when I visited this school. It’s a hidden gem. The best kept secret in Melbourne.”

“The leadership team seemed passionate and proud of their school.  You cannot fake this stuff. The feelings were real.”

“I couldn’t believe what I’d found.  An incredible hive of warm, passionate and hard working women. I just knew this was a good school.  I knew I was home.”

The School Tour Was Amazing

“The school was organised and tidy and the staff and students looked really happy.  Teachers stopped their class to talk to me.  They were so enthusiastic about their school.  The previous school I visited, the teachers seemed miserable.”

“I walked past a class where the teacher had stepped out for a minute and I was impressed by how the students behaved when nobody was watching.  It said so much about the culture of the school.”

“After the school tour I felt incredibly lucky and relieved to have found such an amazing school.  It felt so good when we walked around, I cannot describe the feeling.  My husband, who doesn’t often get emotional, had tears in his eyes when we walked back to the car.”

Q.2 Are you satisfied with your experience at OLGC?  Has it lived up to your expectations?

Excellent Transition Process

“The process of transition was personalised to suit my child’s needs.  There was excellent communication from the teacher to our family and my child felt happy right from the start.”

“The transition process was excellent.  My children felt safe, secure and welcome.  They made friends easily and they loved their teacher.  The school community welcomed us with open arms.”

“My daughters have gone through a positive transformation.  They have thrived.  We left a private school on the Peninsula to come here and I knew that my girls would cope academically.  What I wanted was a school that provided a strong structure.  This school is organised, it’s professional, it’s respectful and has the right culture.”

“I got an excellent transition at a time when my marriage broke down and my kids were uprooted from their family home.  My kids were worried about making friends and were really scared about fitting in.  In the end they have thrived.  They have come out of their shells.  They are happier, more resilient, confident and engaged.  They now have so many friends and it has been an amazing transformation.  I didn’t expect this.”

Great Culture and Effective Management Team

“The school lives up to the values described on the website and discussed during the school tour.”

“The Principal and management team have developed a great culture.  The tone is set at the top and then the staff, teachers, students and community are all aligned to the values of that culture. It all works. It’s amazing.”

“When problems arise, they are dealt with swiftly and fairly.  Communication with parents is excellent. Problems don’t fester, they are sorted out. I trust that the teachers and Principal will do the right thing.”

“My daughter had an upset on her first day at school and the principal dealt with it effectively.  I am impressed by the structure and the discipline at the school.”

“There is a very respectful culture at the school.  Students are kind to each other, they speak well of their teachers and care about the school property.  There is no visible graffiti or damage to school property.”

Great Partnership Between the Parish and the School

“I’m extremely happy with the way the sacraments were delivered, and my son thinks that Father Brendan is really cool.”

“The school has a great relationship with the parish and you can’t take this for granted.  This was not the case at our previous school and it’s so good to see that the partnership works well at OLGC.”

OLGC Delivers Incredible Value For Money
“I can’t believe how much the school offers in terms of sports, cultural, philanthropic and community activities.  When I compare what I paid for my other sons, who went to a private school, I see that the private school was not good value for money.”

“Even though our previous school was a small private school, we did not get the nurturing, care and support we have received at OLGC. My son is so happy here.”

Improvements to Year 5 & 6 Program are Compelling

“The school has improved so much in the past few years.  My child will now stay until the end of primary school.  The 5 to 6 program is so much better.  The school has struck a happy balance between the academic rigour of preparing students for high school and allowing them to still enjoy being at primary school.  It’s a balanced preparation for high school.”

“I am staying with caution.  The changes to the year 5 & 6 program have been good. The school has not always been like this.  There have been great improvements, better teachers, better systems and higher standards.”

“I’m now prepared to stay.  The school has improved so much since the renovation was completed.  The teachers have improved and there is now a big focus on preparing the students academically.”

Q3. What words would you use to describe the essence of the OLGC Brand?

Welcoming and Friendly

“I felt wanted immediately.”

“I felt the love instantly.”

“My first contact was so refreshing.  I was warmly welcomed.”

“My children were made to feel like they were part of the OLGC family right from the start.”

Open and Inclusive Community

“The Principal and Vice principal were really open and accessible and enthusiastic.”

“I didn’t feel judged, I felt like everyone wanted to include me in the school community.  I didn’t feel like an outsider.”

“It was easy for us as new parents to get involved in school activities.”

“There was no bureaucracy.  I had access to my child’s teachers and to the principal anytime I needed it.”

“I felt like the other parents wanted me to participate in school events.  They encouraged me to come along and get involved.”

Caring and Nurturing

“My child felt safe and happy right from the start.”

“The teachers were quick to establish a strong rapport with my child.  Communication between teacher, child and home was excellent.”

“It was easy for my children to make friends because the OLGC students were supportive, kind and helpful.”

“The management team and Principal were warm, empathetic and compassionate.”

“My daughter received a lot of personal attention and encouragement from her teacher.”

“Religious values teach you respect.  The students at this school are respectful towards their teachers and other students.”


“I sensed a strong positive vibe the minute I walked into the school.”

“It is a really happy environment.  My child has positive experiences all the time.  The teachers are happy to be there.  They are proud and passionate.”

“The kids seem really happy and enthusiastic about their school.”

“Everyone is treated equally at this school.  The Principal and Vice Principal are fair and tough when they need to be.”

“There are so many different activities going on. It seems that students get a chance to find what they are good at.”

“There are so many awards for the students, everyone get’s a chance to shine. Kids are acknowledged in so many ways.”

“My children are always encouraged to participate in school activities.  There is a big focus on having a go, regardless of your skills, talents and abilities.”

“There are no favourites at this school, the teachers don’t put up with bullying.  Children are made to feel confident and worthy and everyone in the senior levels get a chance to lead.”

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