Positive Behaviour

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Positive Behaviour

At Our Lady of Good Counsel School we believe everyone has the right to be part of a nurturing and safe learning environment. A positive and proactive approach to behaviour is the most effective way to empower students to act in a responsible manner.

Student Behaviour

Learning is fostered in an environment that promotes success and is concerned with the welfare of every student. Students, staff and parents have a shared understanding of the behaviour expectations including the rights, responsibility and rules at OLGC.

Behaviour expectations are explicitly taught and a common language is used throughout the school about student behaviour. Restorative practices are used in the management of student behaviour to help students to learn from their mistakes, grow in self discipline, take responsibility for their actions, recognise the impact of their actions and resolve conflict with others.


Everyone at OLGC has the right to:

  • be treated with respect 
  • feel safe 
  • learn in a stimulating environment 
  • have their property respected 


Everyone at OLGC has the responsibility to:

  • treat others with respect 
  • obey the school rules 
  • respect others’ learning 
  • care for other’s and school property 


At OLGC, students:

  1. Follow directions 
  2. Move safely 
  3. Speak and listen appropriately 
  4. Take care of property 
  5. Use hands, feet and objects appropriately

Behaviour Policy