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The classrooms are being transformed

OLGC School

2016 is the year of realising our vision around the Masterplan. Our builders IRELAND BROWN took the site on Monday 11 January and quickly set to work constructing fences, securing the building site from the school access. With the Masterplan in full swing at Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School our focus is on the Educational Vision and Philosophy – to develop confident, resilient and hopeful students with a life-long love for learning.

The proposed works include the refurbishment of the OLGC School building:

  • All classrooms will be relocated to the first floor. 
  • Additional classrooms will be created on the southern end of this first floor level.
  • Ground floor areas such as the atrium and hall will be upgraded to increase the utilisation of these spaces.
  • The library and science rooms will be relocated to the ground floor.
  • The staffroom will be relocated to behind the front office.
  • Landscape works and extension to the playground due to the demolition of the parish house.

Classes are continuing with as little disruption as possible. The staging process to move each class will continue throughout the year, moving students as rooms are re carpeted, hallways painted and spaces modified.  Access to the school is through entrances on the Campbell Road side, the Art room and near the sand spit, and via the front office. Linear Park, across the road, is being used for lunch breaks and sport. The canteen has been relocated and a modified menu has been implemented.

The Parish School Education board continue to play an important role in supporting this project to ensure the OLGC parent community is well informed and represented. A sub-committee, made up of the Board members and interested parents, have developed a strategy which has included creating the “Building Our Tomorrow” Facebook page, to be updated on the progress of the renovation of our school. The Skoolbag app also has a Masterplan section, with updates similar to Facebook.

The expert teams at Law Architects and Ireland Brown Construction are working closely with the school to ensure the works are carried out in the highest level of safety. Staff, students and parents working together to create a positive attitude will ensure a smooth transition throughout the changes. Already we are seeing the older spaces come to life and we are excited by the prospect of more to come. We look forward to sharing our journey with the community.

Joining Us
Building our tomorrow
We have many new spaces

Plenty has happened at OLGC since we last reported on the Masterplan. Six spaces have been renovated and classes are already working in the ‘new rooms’. With new paint, carpet, ceilings, lights, walls and joinery, it’s hard to believe it’s the same school.

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