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The masterplan continues

This year we have worked our way through the renovation of our school building, church and playground. After many years in the planning, nothing quite prepares you for the visual impact of construction. In January Ireland Brown Construction erected a fence around the school, the church and part of the playground signifying something ‘big’ was about to commence.

A well-planned staging of renovations inside the school ensured classes were maintained with very little disruption to the learning. In fact, the learning occurred in conjunction with the construction through maths, story writing and inquiry. The students loved watching the buildings change and develop. Classrooms were emptied and refurbished quickly, hallways were painted and recarpeted, and walls were redesigned, removed or replaced. Outside, the students quickly embraced the changes to play areas, including trips across to the park.

A few times the noise was disruptive, particularly when the jackhammer started on the wall downstairs. However, a quick word with the builders, a reschedule here and there, and our days continued smoothly. Every class moved rooms at least once this year. What a great opportunity to cull and clear out unused and old resources, furniture and equipment.

Throughout the year the usual events continued amongst the renovations;  mothers’ day breakfast, fathers’ day breakfast, grandparents’ day, curriculum showcase, sacrament evenings, cross country, athletics day, and book week parade, end of term sausage sizzles, the prep dinner, and so much more. It is amazing what we can do to maintain what is important in our school.