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OLGC ICAS - Outstanding Results

Year 2-5 students from Our Lady of Good Counsel School participated in the ICAS English and Mathematics competition this year. ICAS are developed for students in Years 2 to 12 and are sat annually. Parents decide whether their children participate, and pay a fee per paper. Each ICAS test is a multiple choice format and is designed to assess students’ academic ability. 

Students were awarded Certificates of Participation, Merit, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction at our assembly on Friday, 21 October at 9am. 

Congratulations to all of the students who took part, and to those who achieved the following results: 

State Winner

Clarissa Moritz, 2BC, achieved the highest score in Victoria for the Year 2 Mathematics test. Clarissa will be presented with a medal at a ceremony at the end of November with all of the State medal winners.


High Distinction: 
Year 2: Clarissa Moritz, Nathaniel Rodbard-Bean 

Year 2: Jules Lane;

Year 2: Tomas Lochrie, Juliette Moran; 
Year 4: Eddie Guo, Annabelle Rodbard-Bean; 

Year 2: Priya Archdeacon, 
Year 4: Anna Jackson, Sofia Moran, Paige Rodbard-Bean;

Year 2: Clarissa Moritz, Nathaniel Rodbard-Bean, Jules Lane;
Year 4: Anna Jackson;

Year 2: Tomas Lochrie, Juliette Moran;
Year 4: Max MacIsaac, Annabelle Rodbard-Bean, Xavier Lane, Paige Rodbard-Bean, Sofia Moran

Merit: Year 4: Eddy Guo
Congratulations to all involved.