Upcoming Events

Italian Day

Italian Day is coming to OLGC on Wednesday 22 November. We are holding a day full of activities celebrating the Italian culture through language, food, sport, music and visual arts, with students participating in hands on activities and performance.

We would love for students (and staff too!) to dress up in an Italian theme. Some suggestions are dressing up in the Italian colours (green, white and red), wearing their favourite soccer team’s uniform, Pinocchio, Mario and Luigi, Pavarotti, Michelangelo, Mona Lisa, just to name a few. You can be as creative as you can and even dress up as a pizza or a gelato! Speaking of pizza, we will also have a special Italian lunch for students to order on the day.

The students at OLGC will participate in a variety of activities that will immerse them in the Italian culture.
The activities include:

  • Soccer Clinics
  • Pasta Making using pasta machines
  • Italian Visual Art Activity

An Italian musical theatre performance called ‘Tasty Tunes’, all about healthy eating. It will commence at 2:30pm in the atrium. All members of the community are welcome to come and watch the show and hopefully sing along to some of the catchy tunes!