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Catholic Education Week - St Patrick's Day Mass

Saint Patrick's Day

On 17 March nine Year 5/6 students went to Saint Patrick's Cathedral in the city. Every Catholic school in Melbourne got to choose 10 students each to represent their school, most schools had banners to represent the school. It was an interesting mass. My favourite part was the incense. There was lots of singing and music. At the start of the mass people were playing the bagpipes. After the mass we went to a park at Treasury Gardens, where there was a concert and games. We found some shade, by the lake to eat our lunch. After lunch we wandered around and watched the concert. My favourite part of the concert was the singing. I think that everyone came back tired yet knowing that they had had a special experience. 

Eva Castaldi and Saskia Liparota 

St Patrick's Cathedral 

On 17 March we went with Mrs Gridley, to St Patrick’s Cathedral for St Patrick’s day. We got on the tram and went all the way to the city. We were joined by many other catholic schools in Melbourne. When we walked into the cathedral, People played the bagpipes and others were waving around incense. Some schools had banners to represent their school. There were lots of prayers, music and singing. It was a long mass, but it was very enjoyable being able to see all of the priests and other schools. After the mass we all joined at the gardens down the road from the cathedral. We enjoyed playing games and the concert that was performed by other schools. They sang and danced. It was time to go back to school, so we got on the tram and headed back. Overall it was a great experience and a lot of fun. We hope all the other schools had as much fun as we did. 

Alana and Evie