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What an afternoon to remember at OLGC! 

The Carnevale Parade (La Sfilata di Carnevale) was a huge success! It was so lovely to see so many parents, family and friends attending the parade and joining in the fun! The Carnevale masks Signora Blanch made were simply stunning and the students had so much fun walking down the catwalk and posing for our paparazzi (i.e. Signora McPherson and Signore Izzard!) They also did a fabulous job at singing songs about I Saluti (greetings), giving lots of energy in each performance. We hope you learnt a few greetings yourselves! You might now know a few words and phrases such as Ciao, Buongiorno, Buonanotte, Come stai?, Come ti chiami?, just to name a few. 

Special thanks must go to Signora Celotto and Signora Mattioli who did an amazing job at decorating the atrium. Not to mention Signore McClelland for coordinating the music. Grazie mille! 

I can’t wait to discover what the rest of the year has in store for Italian at OLGC! Enjoy your holidays! 

Laura Marcucci Italian Teacher